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The Rumours are true

You came. You voted. We got busy. The whispers you've been hearing are true - due to overwhelming demand, the next Classic Albums Live tour will be Fleetwood Mac's classic Rumours. Nine amazing musicians come together to play some of the greatest songs ever written with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and staging, in some of Australia's best concert venues this July. Watch the video for more, or visit the Rumours tour page.



20 Apr 2011 12:15

Great news, I have this album myself ( doesn't everybody ? ) and am anxious to see your performance - watched your " Brothers In Arms " concert last year ( 2010 ), was fabulous and would love to see " Rumours "


07 May 2011 09:39

Wow!!! How fabulous is this Classic Albums Live concept!!!
Can't wait to see Rumours. Can't wait to see Bat out of hell in a week's time!

Carla Jones

14 May 2011 10:27

Have just been to see ''Bat out of Hell'' ... Absolutely BRILLIANT !!!! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show .. WELL DONE what a fantastic show!
Hoping to see Rumours next :)

paul harris

17 May 2011 03:26

Just been to the Bat out of hell/ Steinman concert in Melbourne.
First class musicianship ! I cant rate the concert and the band highly enough. From someone who has been watching live music since 1980 (U.K. and Europe) they put a lot of so called 'stars' to shame. Good luck with all future tours. Many regards.

Angus Macoustra

08 Jun 2011 08:23

Are you ever going to release the recording of the brothers in arms tour? If its not possible, it would be good if you could at least treat your fans with a bit of respect and tell us so...instead of stone cold silence!

Brian Clapp

04 Jul 2011 10:11

What a great 'rumours' show last night in Perth. Been to all three shows and each one represents the album perfectly. Well done!
I look forward to the next one.

Ashley Chessells

09 Jul 2011 07:37

Saw the Rumours concert last night in Brissy, the girls were outstanding and great guitar work, best one of these so far

lorraine lloyd

10 Jul 2011 07:10

saw Rumours and it was fabulous keep them coming please.

Kerrie Johnson

11 Jul 2011 12:36

What talented musicians!! What a fantastic concert!! We had the best night!! Please bring it back again!!


15 Jul 2011 01:14

I had the pleasure of re-experiencing one of the all time classic Fleetwood Mac albums last Saturday and it was a truly fantastic night. I was particularly impressed with your dummer's faithful reproduction of those special Mick Fleetwood moments that graced each and every song - so much groove and atmosphere. Can't wait to see the next round of classic albums...

Deborah Weisz

16 Jul 2011 04:28

We saw you at the State theatre and loved it muchly! I am voting now for my favourite albums so I can see you guys again.

Well done and break a leg for future shows

Rob Williams

16 Jul 2011 09:31

Absolutely enjoyed the State Theatre show Saturday week ago. If this tour gets up again I'll be one of the 1st to book. Lloyd G was a brilliant on drums. The cast could not have been better & would give the originals a run for their money.

alan forester

17 Jul 2011 08:15

Saw Rumours in Melbourne. it was one of the best music concerts I've ever seen.


18 Jul 2011 05:35

I'm 17 and Honestly enjoyed every moment of the performance, Absolutely Brilliant show in Melbourne, voting for it again :) in hope that i may get to relive the amazing experience.

Lorraine McKay

24 Jul 2011 11:45

Loved it ! Loved it !! Loved it !!!!!

We have such great talent in Australia and you are helping to showcase them with concerts like Rumours. Would love to see it again, and also look forward to attending more concerts you are organising in the future.

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