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Rex Goh's Brothers in Arms Guitar Solo

This has been one of the highlights of the Classic Albums Live - Brothers in Arms tour so far. Rex Goh performs Mark Knopfler's awesome guitar solo from Brothers in Arms. This was the final to Act One of the Brothers in Arms gig at the State Theatre, Sydney 11 November 2011. Have a listen and tell us what you think...



Adam Webber

22 Nov 2010 03:22

Most enjoyable concert I've been to in years. Great songs and awesome musicians,

derek cunningham

23 Nov 2010 03:30



23 Nov 2010 06:58


Ian Day

26 Nov 2010 09:43

Any chance of getting these guys to do another performance in Melbourne ? I would happily pay to see that again. Most enjoyable concert I've been to in years.

Chris Freeman

26 Nov 2010 07:04

When will the songs be available to download?


26 Nov 2010 10:37

Just got back from the concert at QPAC in Brisbane. Absolutely fantastic performance!! What a group of classic artists. Would love to see them again.

michael byford

26 Nov 2010 10:58

My God, Romeo and Juliet better than the original ....sacrilege

Ron Yung

27 Nov 2010 06:22

Absolutely fantastic!!! Best concert ever .... Great musicians

Chris Stewart

27 Nov 2010 07:53

Loved it, have been a Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler fan my entire life. Being only 30 now I was too young to see them in their day. I've since Mark Knopfler live since and have to say I enjoyed this immensely. So did my parents :)

Susanne Rhall

27 Nov 2010 09:35

What a wonderful nights entertainment. We were spellbound at the depth of musical skill and sound. Just goes to show how talented our musicians are that haven't gone on Australian Idol or X Factor. They are just quietly achieving world class entertainment. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the experience. We are definitely looking forward to their next project.

Jim McIntyre

27 Nov 2010 11:00

Wow what a night. In the top 5 concerts I have seen ever. Let's hope this comes back soon.

Any video or sound track being released?


Michael Cavanagh

27 Nov 2010 11:33

We were blown away by the talent on stage. If it had been on again tonight we would have returned with our teenage children and given them the privilege of seeing this great group of musicians and singers. Thank you for a great and memorable performance.

Madeline Fauls

27 Nov 2010 01:06

Absolutely brilliant performances - Phil Emmanuel you rock! Thanks for a memorable evening, come back soon.

mark edwards

27 Nov 2010 03:48

Intelligent, inspiring music that touched the soul of everyone present. Thank you for respecting the musicianship of the original album - a classic!. This was truly a night to remember and hopefully to be repeated with your future work.

Belinda Karnaghan

27 Nov 2010 06:45

What a wonderful night. We took our 16 year old son, himself a drummer and we all thoroughly enjoyed the incredible performances by everyone. Australia has amazing world class performers, thank you to all involved.

Stephen Midson

29 Nov 2010 04:31

What a fantastic concert. The first half was great but the second half blew me away. The guitar work in "Theme from Local Hero" was the best I have ever heard! Thanks guys for coming to Brisbane

peter harris

30 Nov 2010 03:25

Flew to Sydney just for this concert and wasn't dissapointed!
When is this concert coming to Tasmania ?

Agree best live preformance of Romeo & Juliet I've heard

Looking forward to being able to download this concert

Thanks guys (and lady) great concert

Harry Tucker

30 Nov 2010 04:55

Absolutely gobsmackingly amazing.
Sensational reproduction of Brothers In Arms and the second half was just simply stunning.
Australian viruosity at its sublime.
All I can say is keep them coming

Frank Molinaro

30 Nov 2010 05:32

My son (11 years old) and i went to see "Brothers in Arms" in Melbourne.
He has been wanting one day to go and see Mark Knopfler in concert.

This was brilliant. I think he almost cried!!!

Do it again in Melbourne or release the concert on DVD/CD.

Andrew Wignall

02 Dec 2010 07:18

Saw DS in Hobart at KG5 in 198(something) , this was as good .... bring it on for further concerts


05 Dec 2010 06:57

I saw this in melbourne thinking no-one can play guitar like mark knofler - well, found 3 of them - absolutely best concert I have ever been to - simply stunning

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