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Era Of All Era's

Have you had a musical peak?  Be the 60s, 70s, or 80s, most of us can identify a time in our lives when we had the most fun. The best times in our lives often go hand in had with memorable music. Do you recall rocking out to classics from any of these musical era’s? Bet you do!

Whether it was the swing of the 60s, the rock and roll of the 70s or the synthesizers, dancing and big hair of the 80s, each musical style has left a permanent mark in history. We like to think we can help these legends live on as we strive to re-create that we never want to forget!

If reliving the sounds of the 70s’ would put a smile on your face we’d like to hear about it. If not the 70s, what one musical era would you love to re-live and why so? Submit your vote here

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